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Waste Heat Sludge Dryer SBWHD Series

Unique heat exchanger technology. Hot water/Gas/Generator waste heat can be utilized.

Use low-graded excessisve heat, no need for sourcing quality thermal.

70~80C°drying temperature.

Closed cabinet drying, no need for tail gas treatment, which is suitable for municipal sludge and various industrial sludge.

Standard operation consumption is 60~70kw.h/1t.H20 (MAX).

Modularized structure design enables high regulating capacity and easy installation.

Inlet range 17% dried solid, outlet 90% dried solid.

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SBWHD Series Application Cases Statistics

    Waste heat dryer utilized low-graded excessive thermal source, such as flue gas waste heat; Steam or Steam condensate water; Anaerobic digestion (obtain fuel gas to heat water); Sludge pyrolysis (obtain fuel gas to heat water); and Gen-set waste heat, so as to transferred into 90C hot water for drying. Because of using waste-heat, the drying process does not require additional heat capacity, like heating oil or natural gas. It is a creation for CHP solution. The energy consumed during the process is the electricity for the input to conveyor, fan and motor.

    This dehumidification dryer is equivalent to the combination of dehumidification waste-heat exchanger and mesh belt conveyor (playing the role of sludge placement).


    Dehumidification waste-heat exchanger

    Dehumidification waste-heat exchanger is like dehumidification heat pump. It utilizes refrigeration system to cool and dehumidify hot and wet air. The Cooler plays the role as evaporator of heat pump, while the Heater plays the role as condenser. The Heater provides the supply air with drying thermal, while the Cooler provides the moisture steam with cold source for condensation. 

    The Heater gets the thermal from 90℃water, while the Cooler gets the cold source from 33℃water.


    SBWHD Series and SHS Series are old and new generation of waste heat belt dryer. 
    If you want to know the field application of a certain model, you can copy the product model and search in search bar.
    Standard Heat-supplied conditions90℃/70℃ (hot water, steam, etc.)
    Electric power source(220V\380V\440V)/3H/50Hz(60Hz)
    Standard drying temperature48~60℃(return air)/68~85℃(supply air)
    Heat power source
    1. Flue gas waste heat (heat exchange);

    2. Steam condensate water;

    3. Anaerobic digestion (obtain fuel gas to heat water);

    4. Sludge pyrolysis (obtain fuel gas to heat water)

    5. Steam
    Control SystemTouch screen + PLC programmable controller
    Applicable Range for Inlet SludgeWater rate (70%-83%)(others is available for customization and testing)
    Applicable Range for Outlet SludgeVariable frequency regulation: rate ranging from 10%~50%
    Shaping MethodSlitting (70%-83%)

    • SBWHD5000
      Standard Dehumidification Capacity/24h5000 kg
      Standard Dehumidification Capacity/h208 kg
      Total electric power13 kw
      Standard Heat-supplied power200 kw
      Hot Water Flow Rate8.6 m³/h
      Standard Cooling Power180 kw
      Cooling Water Flow Rate Δt=12℃13 m³/h
      Heat Exchanger Module Quantity1 SET
      Size(L*W*H)4650*3110*3300 mm
      StructureWhole set
    • SBWHD10000
      Standard Dehumidification Capacity/24h10000 kg
      Standard Dehumidification Capacity/h416 kg
      Total electric power26 kw
      Standard Heat-supplied power400 kw
      Hot Water Flow Rate17.2 m³/h
      Standard Cooling Power360 kw
      Cooling Water Flow Rate Δt=12℃26 m³/h
      Heat Exchanger Module Quantity2 SET
      Size(L*W*H)7900*3110*3300 mm
      StructureAssembled set
    • SBWHD15000
      Standard Dehumidification Capacity/24h15000 kg
      Standard Dehumidification Capacity/h624 kg
      Total electric power39 kw
      Standard Heat-supplied power600 kw
      Hot Water Flow Rate25.8 m³/h
      Standard Cooling Power540 kw
      Cooling Water Flow Rate Δt=12℃39 m³/h
      Heat Exchanger Module Quantity3 SET
      Size(L*W*H)11150*3110*3300 mm
      StructureAssembled set
    • SBWHD20000
      Standard Dehumidification Capacity/24h20000 kg
      Standard Dehumidification Capacity/h832 kg
      Total electric power52 kw
      Standard Heat-supplied power800 kw
      Hot Water Flow Rate34.4 m³/h
      Standard Cooling Power720 kw
      Cooling Water Flow Rate Δt=12℃52 m³/h
      Heat Exchanger Module Quantity4 SET
      Size(L*W*H)14400*3110*3300 mm
      StructureAssembled set
    • SBWHD25000
      Standard Dehumidification Capacity/24h25000 kg
      Standard Dehumidification Capacity/h1040 kg
      Total electric power65 kw
      Standard Heat-supplied power1000 kw
      Hot Water Flow Rate43 m³/h
      Standard Cooling Power900 kw
      Cooling Water Flow Rate Δt=12℃65 m³/h
      Heat Exchanger Module Quantity5 SET
      Size(L*W*H)17650*3110*3300 mm
      StructureAssembled set
    • SBWHD30000
      Standard Dehumidification Capacity/24h30000 kg
      Standard Dehumidification Capacity/h1248 kg
      Total electric power78 kw
      Standard Heat-supplied power1200 kw
      Hot Water Flow Rate51.6 m³/h
      Standard Cooling Power1080 kw
      Cooling Water Flow Rate Δt=12℃78 m³/h
      Heat Exchanger Module Quantity6 SET
      Size(L*W*H)20900*3110*3300 mm
      StructureAssembled set
    • SBWHD35000
      Standard Dehumidification Capacity/24h35000 kg
      Standard Dehumidification Capacity/h1458 kg
      Total electric power91 kw
      Standard Heat-supplied power1400 kw
      Hot Water Flow Rate60.2 m³/h
      Standard Cooling Power1260 kw
      Cooling Water Flow Rate Δt=12℃91 m³/h
      Heat Exchanger Module Quantity7 SET
      Size(L*W*H)24150*3110*3300 mm
      StructureAssembled set
    • SBWHD40000
      Standard Dehumidification Capacity/24h40000 kg
      Standard Dehumidification Capacity/h1667 kg
      Total electric power104 kw
      Standard Heat-supplied power1600 kw
      Hot Water Flow Rate68.8 m³/h
      Standard Cooling Power1440 kw
      Cooling Water Flow Rate Δt=12℃104 m³/h
      Heat Exchanger Module Quantity8 SET
      Size(L*W*H)27400*3110*3300 mm
      StructureAssembled set
    • SBWHD45000
      Standard Dehumidification Capacity/24h45000 kg
      Standard Dehumidification Capacity/h1875 kg
      Total electric power117 kw
      Standard Heat-supplied power1800 kw
      Hot Water Flow Rate77.4 m³/h
      Standard Cooling Power1620 kw
      Cooling Water Flow Rate Δt=12℃117 m³/h
      Heat Exchanger Module Quantity9 SET
      Size(L*W*H)30650*3110*3300 mm
      StructureAssembled set
    • SBWHD50000
      Standard Dehumidification Capacity/24h50000 kg
      Standard Dehumidification Capacity/h2083 kg
      Total electric power130 kw
      Standard Heat-supplied power2000 kw
      Hot Water Flow Rate86 m³/h
      Standard Cooling Power1800 kw
      Cooling Water Flow Rate Δt=12℃130 m³/h
      Heat Exchanger Module Quantity10 SET
      Size(L*W*H)33900*3110*3300 mm
      StructureAssembled set

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    DS Rate--for liquid sludge inlet to dewatering machine (Only needed when we are expected to offer dewatering machine):%
    Inlet sludge: Tonne(s)/Day
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