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The Evaporating Tech. of Shincci
Shincci Brand Story

Who We Are

Founded in 2003, SHINCCI is a high-tech company who designs and provides the world's cutting-edge Low Temperature Evaporating Solution that contributes to the sustainable development of our planet.
The Solution has helped hundreds of municipalities and industries improve efficiency, reduce costs, and minimize carbon footprint in the fields of sludge drying, food drying, grain drying, liquid concentration, cold chain, deep processing of eco-agricultural industry chain, etc.
SHINCCI earns its reputation by providing full services ranging from on-site investigation, project designing, equipment manufacturing, installation, commissioning, to after-sales service.
At SHINCCI, customer service is a major priority. We believe that our successes were, are and will always be based on the fact that the benefit and satisfaction of our customers are met and secured through our effective services.

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Technical Innovation & Industry Leader

Up to now, by utilizing its independently developed dehumidification heat pump technology,  Shincci has developed the world's leading sludge low-temperature dryer, as well as swimming pool dehumidification heat pump unit, food and medicine dehumidification drying chamber and others, which has gained more than 60 national patents, including patented technology such as plate-fin heat-recuperation cycle, double-effect dehumidification heat pump, triple-effect dehumidification heat pump, quadruple-effect dehumidification heat pump and multi effect heat recovery technology. These are the technologies, firstly innovated domestically and abroad, break through the bottleneck of conventional technology to become more suitable for future application in dehumidification drying and sludge low-temp. drying. Shincci products are well applied in the United States, Italy, Romania, Turkey, South Korea, Taiwan and other countries and regions by working successively with hundreds of partners and serving more than 1.000 successful installations.

Shincci's innovative sludge low humidity dryer represents the latest technology application trend in the field of sludge drying and reduction of the country, completely solved the remaining technical defects during the drying process of the traditional technical route (high energy consumption, low efficiency, high water content, odor emissions, high temperature dust, etc.) , and it has achieved closed operation without any heat loss, no odor emission, safe at low temperature without dust, dry mud moisture content is less than 10% , suitable for more strict demanding sludge harmless disposal. Ever since its establishment, Shincci has been cultivating high-end talents for the R&D of innovative technology of Dehumidification Heat Pump and Low Temperature Sludge Dryer. In the past six months, tens of millions of R&D funds have been invested and more than 10 technical application subjects have been established. Up to now, our R&D personnel account for about 20% and have obtained more than 200 national innovation patents.

Make Every Project a Successful Reference

To date, hundreds of SHINCCI installations are successfully operated all over the world. We are proud to make each and every project that we build for our customers as a successful reference both in its industry and region, which we call it "double-reference", and this is the exact reason that they trust us.

World's Leading R&D and Manufacturing Base

Covering a total area of 70,000 square meters, the R&D and Manufacturing Base at SHINCCI is one of the biggest bases of its kind across the world. SHINCCI is adopting advanced production line with scientific management to provide the world's leading Low Temperature Drying technologies and services. 

Guangzhou Headquarter

Shincci is committed to building the world's largest and most automatic “production line of dehumidification heat pump and low temperature evaporation complete equipment ". The headquater address: Shincci Building, No. 162 Mincheng Er Road, Guangzhou Private Science Technology Parks, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, China

Jiujiang Factory

Jiujiang base, with 70.000 square meters and 300 million Yuan investment, is the largest modern production facility of low temperature drying equipment in China, generating maximum CNY 3 billion annual revenue. There are nearly 200 production employees, and Jiangxi Jiujiang plant is mainly responsible for the production and manufacturing of some small sludge cryogenic box dryers, various types of heat exchangers, equipment parts and auxiliary equipment of the company, as well as assembly, performance testing, packaging and delivery of complete sludge belt dryer equipment. And the production capacity continues expanding.

Guangzhou Factory

The Guangzhou plant is mainly responsible for the production and manufacture of the company's food drying dehumidification heat pumps, sludge low-temperature container dryers, and sludge dryer special dehumidification heat pumps, and can produce ≥3 dehumidification heat pump disturbance blocks per day. (single module dewatering capacity of 4.8 tons and above.)



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