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Drying Technology

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Shincci™ Low Temperature Sludge dryer is able to achieve sludge volume reduction, stabilization, sterilization and reutilization. Its outlet dried sludge granule can be disposed with gasification, blended-burning, incineration; can be utilized as biofuel, construction material, cement material and landfilling material; It is applicable to transform any type of dewatered sludge (10% minimum dry content) into a dry, such as municipal, printing, dyeing, papermaking, electroplate, chemical, and leather, granulated product with a dry-solids content that can be adjusted within a range of 15% to 90%.


Sludge moisture content can be reduced from 80% to 10% (20% to 90% Solids), adjustable as required.

Sludge volume can be reduced by 67% and weight by 80%, this results in 1 truckload to be hauled where there used to be 5.

Optimized evaporation efficiency, available to automatically operate 24/7 with minimized operator attendance.


Sustainable and eco-friendly process, with enclosed design to minimize odor emission.

Available to be built inside the factory for sludge centralized processing.

The clear condensate water from the drying process can directly drain to sewage pool without any secondary treatment.


Low processing temperature of 40-75℃ in a closed cabinet ensuring long-term disposal safety.

Outlet Sludge<50℃ requiring no need for secondary cooling which allows it to be stored directly.


The dehumidification capacity reaches as high as 4.5kg.H2O/kW.h, which is the world's leading technology standard.

Energy-consumption saved by 50% compared to the current industry standard.


The energy consumed during the process is only the electricity needed to operate the compressors and the fans or air handlers.

The electric energy demand for drying sludge moisture content from 80% to 30% is only 160 kW.h/T.


With pasteurization (low-temperature heating sterilization) at 70℃ drying for 90-120 minutes, it can sterilize over 90% bacteria effectively.


Heat Pump Dehumidification= Dehumidification+ Heat Pump Energy Recovery

The Principle of Drying Material at Low Temperature

The hot dry air flows through wet materials and takes away moisture thus becomes hot wet air, which then passes through the cold end of heat pump and condenses the absorbed water (dehumidification). The cold dry air after dehumidification is then heated by the hot end of heat pump and becomes hot dry air (energy recovery). A new cycle starts.          


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