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Drying Technology

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Container-type Sludge Dryer

Shincci™ Container units with a water evaporation capacity between 8 and 46 kg/h.

Use electricity only; plug and use.

60~70C°drying temperature.

Closed cabinet drying and no tail gas emission, friendly to neighborhood.

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Shincci Low Temperature Container Type Sludge Dryer

Shincci Low temperature container type sludge dryer is specially suitable for dewatered sludge coming from chamber filter press, drying sludge from initial moisture range 83%~40% to achieve 10~40%. The drying temperature is 60~75℃, which makes high drying efficiency. Forced air cooling makes it no need for additional mounting of cooling water and water consumption. Closed cabinet structure makes less heat dissipation and less odor emission. Accurate humidity control technology avoids high energy consumption in later stage of drying.

It is a combination of sludge hopper and dehumidification heat pump. Dehumidification heat pump heat up and dehumidify the air, while the sludge is placed into a hopper. The hot air is blow up from the bottom and recycle at the heat pump. The electricity power consumption is 0.4~0.5kw.h/kg.H2O.

The container dryer is operated in a batch mode. After we plug on the machine and load the sludge, it is ready to start to dry the sludge. The dryer is using timers to control the batch operation time. So it is easy to install and use without frequent monitor.

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SCODD Series Application Cases Statistics

SCODD Series is suitable for sludge dewatered from chamber press (plate and frame press
If you want to know the field application of a certain model, you can copy the product model and search in search bar.
Energy Consumption2.0-3.5kg.H2O/kw.h
Compressor Amount1 set
Cooling MethodForced-air cooling FL
Power Supply(220V\380V\440V)/3H/50Hz(60Hz)
Drying Temperature40-63℃(return air)/55-75℃(supply air)
Control SystemTouch screen + PLC programmable control system
Applicable Range for Outlet Sludge10%-30%(Moisture Content)

  • SCODD200FL
    Standard Dehumidification Capacity/24h200kg
    Standard Dehumidification Capacity/h8-13kg/h
    Total electric power3.5kw
    Hoper Size L*W*H(mm) 800*800*750
    Size L*W*H(mm)1650*1150*1500
  • SCODD400FL
    Standard Dehumidification Capacity/24h400kg
    Standard Dehumidification Capacity/h15-23kg/h
    Total electric power6kw
    Hoper Size L*W*H(mm) 1000*1000*900
    Size L*W*H(mm)2200*1350*1700
  • SCODD800FL
    Standard Dehumidification Capacity/24h800kg
    Standard Dehumidification Capacity/h30-46kg/h
    Total electric power12kw
    Hoper Size L*W*H(mm) 1200*1200*1100
    Size L*W*H(mm)2600*1550*2000


Sludge Type:
Dewatering Type:
DS Rate--for liquid sludge inlet to dewatering machine (Only needed when we are expected to offer dewatering machine):%
Inlet sludge: Tonne(s)/Day
Inlet moisture: %
Outlet moisture: %
Working hours:Hour(s)/Day