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Drying Technology

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  • 2023

    In November 2023, SHINCCI’s foreign trade team and others went to ITALY to participate in the Environmental Protection EXHIBITION. At this exhibition, SHINCCI and Italian dealers jointly explained low-temperature drying technology, focusing on Sludge Dryers, low-temperature Four-Effect Evaporator and composite pyrolysis machines.

    The exhibition ended successfully. SHINCCI made many partners who are interested in drying technology, and will work hard to serve clients who need sludge drying and concentration technical support.

    Exhibits:Sludge Dryer、Low Temp.Evaporator、Pyrolysis machine
    Exhibition time:Nov-7 to Nov-10,2023
    Add:Rimini Expo Centrevia Emilia, 155 47921 Rimini, Italy

  • 2023

    Shincci Group has always been adhering to the concept that technology creates value, and on the day of its 20th anniversary, it also brought domestic and foreign merchants a full-fledged exchange seminar on new products and new application technologies. At nine o'clock in the morning, merchants from China, the United States, Poland and other countries came to the Guangzhou headquarters of Shincci Group. In the welcome speech by Director Wang Jianguo of the General Manager Office, the new product and new application technology exchange meeting kicked off.

    At this exchange meeting, Shi Zengkuang, chairman of Shincci Group, and technical backbones of various business departments discussed straw carbonization returning to the field and ecological planting, dehumidification heat pump and heat pump closed drying application, and the first dehumidific ation heat pump tower dryer in corn drying. Shincci has conducted detailed reports and on-site discussions on topics that have been successfully tested and demonstrated, such as energy-saving utilization, pyrolysis carbonization technology and equipment.

  • 2022

    In Oct 2022,Jiangxi Shincci Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. held a grand opening ceremony in Cailing Town, Duchang County, Jiujiang City,which is a wholly-owned agricultural subsidiary of Shincci Group, founded in 2019 with a registered capital of over 70 million yuan and an area of over 50 mu.
    Established six functional areas, namely, Impression Square, Museum, Ecological Agriculture Industrial Chain Deep Processing Research Center, Aromatic Plant Deep Processing Center, Vegetable Oil Deep Processing Center, and Grain Deep Processing Center, has become the first comprehensive agricultural company in China that integrates investment, industrial deep processing research planning, diversified product development, sales and resource utilization, and agricultural carbon sink development, and is also a pioneer in deep processing of China's future ecological agricultural industrial chain.

  • 2020

    In May 2020, the first domestic low-temperature evaporation technology research institute was established.

    In July 2020, A large scale new product launch of sludge dryers was hold at the new factory in Jiujiang, which is the first modern factory built by Shincci since its inception, marking that Shincci has entered a new stage of development. 

  • 2019

    Shincci Jiangxi production base project kicked off;
    Shincci Won the "2018-2019 Most Valuable Environmental Protection Equipment Brand" by China Water Net;
    Shincci Formally established the dehumidification heat pump division;

  • 2018

    Nov. 2018, Shincci establish a joint venture with Tontian. 
    According to the agreement, the two sides plan to jointly set up the Wuxi Shinccitongtian Machinery Co. , Ltd. , specialized in sludge drying auxiliary equipment, to improve the collaborative design and manufacturing capacity of the industrial chain.

  • 2018

    In Jul.2018, a joint venture with Hanmee to develop the sludge drying market in South Korea.

  • 2018

    Shincci team participated in the IFAT Munich World Expo in May, 2018.

  • 2018

    On the morning of January 12, 2018, "Gathering the Sails-Shincci Energy 2018 Dealer Conference" was grandly held in Guangzhou. The general manager of Shincci Energy Shi Zengkuang and the headquarter executives, as well as the heads of the subsidiaries, more than 60 partners and dealer representatives from all over the country attended the meeting, which sounded like the rallying number of the siege, for the win-win cooperation in 2018.

  • 2017

    The sludge of Xinlong Sewage Treatment Plant sludge belongs to textile printing and dyeing sludge, which contains more textile fiber fluff. In the process of reducing the moisture content from 40% to 30%, the volatile content of textile printing and dyeing sludge is high (about 40%), In order to prevent explosion during this process, a low-temperature dehumidification and drying technology with a drying temperature not higher than 90°C is used.

  • 2017

    The newly opened Baitang plant officially held a grand ribbon-cutting and unveiling ceremony. The company's general manager Mr. Shi Zengkuang addressed the ribbon-cutting and unveiling ceremony. The newly added Baitang Industrial Park has another large-scale supporting base with a total area of more than 10,000 square meters. It is a core pillar base that is used independently to integrate sludge drying technology research and development, production and sales functions.

  • 2016

    SHINCCI's Beijing Subsidiary Company and Zhejiang Subsidiary Company founded.

    The third new R&D and production base was added, ranking the world's top five in the volume of sludge low-temperature dehumidification and drying industry.

    National Patent: Waste-heat low temperature Sludge dryer&Container Low Temperature Sludge Dryer.

    Passed the special review of the construction of Guangzhou enterprise

    research and development institutions, and included in the list of financial support.

    Won MEI Awards.

  • 2016

    In May 2016, the sludge drying project of Shenzhen Luofang WWTP was completed. This project applies Shincci's three-effect heat pump technology and closed drying equipment. After the project is implemented, the moisture content of the sludge of Luofang WWTP can be reduced from 80% to 40%, and the weight of the sludge will be reduced to the 33% of original sludge amount. The daily sludge treatment capacity can reach 200 tons/day, realizing the reduction of sludge in the plant.

  • 2016

    Shincci Jiujiang Sludge Belt Dryer Spare Parts Production Plant was put into operation, realizing advanced upgrade of an industrial chain of parts, components, modules and systems integration integrated R&D and manufacturing.

  • 2015

    National Patent: heat pump belt dryer;
    Quadruple-effect dehumidification heat pump.

  • 2014

    In March 2014, SHINCCI moved to the Taihe Dali plant area, and the complete production supporting facilities have optimized various indicators such as production efficiency, product quality, logistics transportation and environmental protection.

  • 2014

    SHINCCI won the national high-tech enterprise certification;

    New Type Heat Pump Dehumidification Dryer; Swimming Pool Dehumidification Heat Pump; Tobacco Dehumidification Heat Pump and Sludge Dehumidification Dryer are awarded with High-tech Product.

    The first phase of Foshan Xiqiao Xinlong WWTP Sludge Detoxification Project was officially completed.

  • 2013

    Shincci's first municipal sludge drying project-- Dongguan Bamboo Garden WWTP project passed the inspection and acceptance. Sludge drying started to sprout in the South China market.

  • 2012

    SHINCCI's first low temperature sludge dryer unit was delivered to Dongguan Shoes Materials factory.

  • 2011

    Focus on the sludge field
    The first low temperature sludge dryer independently developed by shincci passed the testing successfully.

  • 2011

    In order to meet the drying needs of different types of customers, SHINCCI established the only large-scale dehumidification heat pump drying laboratory in China at that time, equipped with more than 20 sets of various types of cold and hot air and heat pump dehumidification drying models.

  • 2003-2010

    SHINCCI dehumidification heat pump technology has won the favor of many users in the drying market, and enjoys a high reputation in the industry. Successful cases include:

    Tobacco Industry-Guizhou Tobacco Project

    Sausages Industry-Guangzhou Restaurant

    Aquatic Industry-Wenzhou Ruian Huasheng Water Plant Co., Ltd.

    Meat Product Industry-Chuangge Meat Products Factory in Huangpu Town, Zhongshan City.

    Wood Products Industry-Shanghai Xiehe Wood Industry Co., Ltd. Project


  • 2007-2010

    SHINCCI began to frequently attend domestic large-scale exhibitions, well known by many large buyers and reached cooperation with them.

  • 2010

    The trial production of the three-effect dehumidification heat pump independently developed by SHINCCI was successful and won the national patent.

  • 2010

    Shincci heat pump evaporating technology first application in swimming pool in Zhongshan Marriott Park.

  • 2007-2009

    According to the user's feedback,  centering on the customer's needs, SHINCCI accelerate the iterative upgrade of products. SHINCCI began to frequently attend domestic large-scale exhibitions, and SHINCCI has also known by many large buyers and reached cooperation with them.

  • 2009

    SHINCCI moved from Dongpu to Baitang Factory, in the same year, settled in Guangzhou Private Technology Park, a national high-tech industrial development zone in Baiyun District.

  • 2008

    Dongguan TTI Industrial Park heat pump water heater project cooperation.

  • 2007

    SHINCCI  "Double-effect condensation dehumidification technology" came out, which was leading the rapid development of domestic central hot water, swimming pool constant temperature and humidity, dehumidification and drying fields.

  • 2005-2006

    With the continuous improvement of technology and process manufacturing, and the accumulation of industry users, the market demand has gradually increased. In the central hot water engineering market, SHINCCI was one of the earliest professional brand manufacturers in China at that time.

  • 2004

    SHINCCI's first heat pump unit made out, and its excellent quality and energy efficiency have been highly recognized by users.

  • 2003

    SHINCCI started building its first research and production base in DONGPU, Guangzhou.In the early stage, the energy-saving products manufactured by SHINCCI were mainly boilers and heat pumps.



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