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Drying Technology

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Municipal Sludge
Municipal Sludge
The sludge obtained from the treatment of tannery wastewater, whether it is a biochemical sludge with low chromium content, or a high-concentration chromium sludge obtained by alkali precipitation, can be dried and reduced to help you treat leather sludge in the most economical and environmentally friendly way. electroplating sludge is quite complex, mainly containing chromium, iron, nickel, copper, zinc and other heavy metal compounds and soluble salts.
Electroplating sludge
Electroplating sludge

Electroplating sludge mainly comes from the solid waste generated by various electroplating waste liquids and electrolytic bath liquids of industrial electroplating plants after liquid phase chemical treatment. Due to the different production processes and treatment processes of electroplating manufacturers, the chemical composition of electroplating sludge is quite complex, mainly containing chromium, iron, nickel, copper, zinc and other heavy metal compounds and soluble salts.

Textile Sludge
Textile Sludge

The main process units include: industrial park sewage treatment, pending sludge drying reduction, dry sludge Utilization of blending by thermal power plant, industrial park production heat supply, dryer heat source recycle and reuse as well as other process, which formed an industrial chain that has the characteristics of circular economy and can be replicated and promoted, known as Sludge Treatment Demonstration Base in FOSHAN city. This project was rated as "Excellent Case of Chinese Sludge Treatment and Disposal in 2018-2019" by China Water Network.

Pharmaceutical  Sludge
Pharmaceutical Sludge

Industry Status:

The input of raw materials is large, but the output ratio is small.

Pollution is relatively prominent and has been emphasized by the national environmental protection plan. One of the 12 industries governed by the point of governance.

Chemical Sludge
Chemical Sludge

Chemical Sludge Property Description:
1. Sludge dewatering method:plate and frame filter press;
2. Moisture before drying:60.53%;
3. Color of wet sludge:dark red;
4. Smell description:no odor;

5. Shape: cake, rock

6. Hand feel: soft. Need to smash before slitting.

Leather Sludge
Leather Sludge

Overview of leather sludge:

There are two types of leather sludge, one is sludge such as leather shavings and minced meat, which can be handed over to the gelatin factory for disposal and must not enter the food chain. The other is the sludge obtained after treatment of tannery wastewater. Biochemical sludge with low chromium content and high-concentration chromium sludge obtained by alkaline precipitation.



Sludge Type:
Dewatering Type:
DS Rate--for liquid sludge inlet to dewatering machine (Only needed when we are expected to offer dewatering machine):%
Inlet sludge: Tonne(s)/Day
Inlet moisture: %
Outlet moisture: %
Working hours:Hour(s)/Day