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SHINCCI has amount of ways to dry sludge

Upload time:2023-03-27

Keywords:  Drying technology、Sewage Treatment Plant

SHINCCI Low Temperature Technology in drying field

The SHINCCI Low Temperature Sludge Drying Solution can simply reduce sludge moisture content from 80% (20% solids)  to 30-10% (70-90% solids) with a reduction as high as 80%, which has been widely applied in sludges generated from  municipal, printing & dyeing, chemical, pharmacy, papermaking, coal slime, automobile, electroplating, leather industries,  etc. The whole treatment process is energy-efficient and eco-friendly, and the final product could be taken for  environmental-friendly disposal or resource utilization such as incineration, pyrolysis, carbonization, blending combustion,  compost, raw materials for building, etc.

The advantages are as follows:

EFFICIENCY: Sludge moisture content can be  reduced from 80% to 10% (20% to  90% Solids), adjustable as required.  Optimized evaporation efficiency,  available to automatically operate  24/7 with minimized operator attendance. Sludge volume can be reduced by  67% and weight by 80%, this results  in 1 truckload to be hauled where  there used to be 5 loads.
INNOVATION:The dehumidification capacity  reaches as high as 4.5 kg.H2O/kW.h,  which is the world’s leading  technology standard. Energy-consumption saved by 50%  compared to the current industry  standard.

ECONOMIC:The energy consumed during the  process is only the electricity needed  to operate the compressors and the  fans or air handlers. The electric  energy demand for drying sludge  moisture content from 80% to 30% is  only 160 kW.h/T
STABILITY&DURABILITY:Adopting durable and anti-corrosive  material to make sure a service life as  long as 15 years. Proven in hundreds  of installations worldwide. Modularization design for easy  assembly while saving floor space.  Suitable for any working condition at  high or low temperatures.



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