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Shincci: Based on the fundamentals, deep research on sludge drying technology

Upload time:2021-10-13

Shincci: Based on the fundamentals, deep research on sludge drying technology

Channel: Water Treatment

Keywords: sludge treatment and disposal, sludge dryer

As the terminal link of sewage treatment and the key and difficult point of water pollution prevention and control, sludge treatment and disposal has been concerned by the state for a long time. Under the new development pattern of improving quality and efficiency, the role of water control wind direction with resource utilization as the core in promoting sludge treatment and disposal will become more and more prominent. While facing challenges, sludge treatment and disposal also ushered in great opportunities, which also provided a huge market for large-scale environmental protection equipment of sludge treatment. Driven by policy and market, shincci, which started with the research and development of heat pump, seized the opportunity and began to focus on the layout and R & D of sludge dryer equipment manufacturing. So far, it has made remarkable achievements in the sludge drying market.

The policy is favorable, and the sludge treatment is in the fast lane of development.

China's sludge treatment started late. The early sewage treatment plants had the phenomenon of "heavy water and light sludge", and the sludge treatment unit was not perfect. The safe treatment and disposal of sludge is a weak link in the field of water pollution control in China. According to statistics, in 2019, China's sludge output has exceeded 60 million tons (calculated by 80% moisture content), and it is expected that China's annual sludge output will exceed 90 million tons in 2025. However, due to China's "heavy water light mud" for a long time, sludge treatment and disposal has not been improved simultaneously with sewage treatment, and the problem of sludge treatment and disposal has not been effectively solved. The situation is very serious.

But now, the government pays more and more attention to sludge treatment and disposal. The national "ten articles on water" clearly points out that the sludge produced by sewage treatment facilities should be stabilized, harmless and resourceful. Up to now, China has issued more than 20 industrial standards and national policies on sludge treatment and disposal, and the trend of "paying equal attention to sludge and water" is gradually taking shape. Taking advantage of this trend, shincci began to develop sludge drying products in 2016. In the increasingly fierce market competition, shincci stands out among many sludge drying equipment with the sludge dehumidification low-temperature dryer of shincci brand. Shincci was a manufacturer of special air conditioners in the past. It had rich technical accumulation in the field of dehumidification and heating, provided solid technical support for the later research and development of sludge drying products, and ushered in a new round of development opportunities for the enterprise.

Fine research on drying technology and adhere to independent innovation

With the industry gradually reaching a consensus on the treatment and disposal requirements of "stabilization, harmlessness and recycling" of sludge, it has put forward specific high standards for the construction of sludge disposal facilities and disposal objectives. The focus on sludge has long been not limited to water content. Such conditions have higher requirements for sludge drying. In response to the policy standards in a timely manner, the R & D team behind shincci's sludge drying products upgraded the products to make the moisture content of dry sludge less than 10% and the water removal energy efficiency ratio of 4.5kg • H2O / kW • h. at the same time, in order to reduce the harm of dust, Shincci also innovated the automatic dust removal technology at the mesh belt side to reduce the harm of dust. During the operation of the machine, the automatic soot blowing technology of the filter is added to make the equipment operation more intelligent. Shincci sludge drying products meeting such standards have two series, heat pump sludge dehumidification low-temperature dryer and waste heat sludge dehumidification low-temperature dryer. Among them, heat pump sludge dehumidification low-temperature dryer is divided into air-cooled and water-cooled models. These excellent sludge drying equipment have been unanimously recognized by customers after reaching national standards and putting into the market. The sludge is dried and reduced to the greatest extent, which stabilizes the shape of the sludge, provides necessary conditions for the next harmless disposal and resource utilization of the sludge, and saves a very considerable disposal fee and transportation fee for the customers of industrial hazardous waste sludge. This is also Shincci's original intention to develop products.

In order to achieve better treatment effect and make customers more satisfied, Shincci, which previously focused on research and development of dehumidification and heating, made great efforts.

In order to solve the problem of difficult sludge strip cutting and forming, shincci's R & D team decided to select an appropriate strip cutting device according to the characteristics of sludge. At the same time, for the sludge with high moisture content, lime or dry sludge back mixing shall be added in proportion to reduce the moisture content of sludge; In the face of shincci, it decided to use a special compressor with high condensation and high evaporation temperature to further improve the inlet and return air temperature, control the temperature difference at 20 ℃ and improve the overall drying efficiency; For the structural layout of the heat pump side, Shincci decided to develop differentiated products to improve its competitiveness, use the heat pipe regenerative method to conduct auxiliary heat recovery and reheating of the return air, and use the automatic cleaning heat exchanger to maintain the design wind resistance and prolong the service life of the heat pump side. In order to solve the problem of waste gas generated by equipment operation, Shincci also provides customers with customized waste gas treatment schemes to meet the emission requirements. These technological innovations have enabled Shincci's sludge drying product R & D team to successfully apply for and authorize more than a dozen patents.

In the future, Shincci will not forget its original intention, dig deep into sludge drying technology, and create more advanced sludge drying products that make customers more satisfied. At the same time, it will also conduct in-depth research and development in the fields of coal slag drying, stone slag and low-temperature drying of oil sludge, so as to open a greater situation in the subdivision of stone in sludge drying.


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