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Shincci First Sludge Dryer in South Korea Industrial Park Wastewater Treatment

Upload time:2021-01-07

On 21th June 2018, the leaders of Hanmee in South Korea(ENTEC for short) visited Shincci headquarter in Guangzhou. Under the leadership of the Shincci team, on July 12, 2018, Hanmei Entec conducted on-site sampling and measurement of the Shincci's Mido Green Car Leather Co., Ltd. Project, which successfully reached the standard after professional evaluation.

Through multiple inspections and on-site evaluations, ENTEC has truly learned about the core advantages of Shincci in the field of sludge drying, such as case application, dehydration efficiency and cost control.

On 24th July, Shincci signed a joint venture agreement with ENTEC. According to the agreement, the two parties will establish H.S Drying Technology Co., Ltd. in Seoul or around South Korea, to carry out the sales promotion and technical services of Shincci sludge drying equipment. They hold the belief that, relying on Shincci's leading scientific research and technical strength, as well as Hanmei's extensive business foundation and developed network coverage, the HS will make a breakthrough in sludge reduction industry of Asia soon.

Since 2012, the marine sewage discharge of organic waste including municipal sludge has been banned. By the beginning of 2016, the marine sewage discharge of any organic waste has been completely banned. In the project site evaluation of Shincci China project, the energy efficiency ratio of Shincci's low temperature drying technology and the professionalism of the technical team impressed the president Mr. Ren.

At the invitation of Mr. Ren, president of Hanmee, Mr. Shi Zengkuang, General Manager of Shincci visited the headquarters of ENTEC, accompanied by Mr. Wang Jianguo, Marketing Director and Mr. Zhang Xiaoxin, International Trade Manager on 30th Aug..

Accompanied by ENTEC technicians, the Shincci delegation carefully observed the process equipment and system units of the Hanmei sewage deodorization system. Combining the main business scope of ENTEC, the two parties exchanged opinions and views on the business development of municipal sludge disposal from the points of belt drying, dehumidification principles, energy saving benefits, and resource utilization. ENTEC specializes in the development and application of HBR sewage deodorization equipment, and has extensive experience in the design, construction, commissioning, and operation of municipal, industrial, and livestock sewage treatment projects.

During the trip to Korea, Mr. Shi Zengkuang, General Manager of Shincci, said with emotion: "In this golden period of the development of the environmental protection equipment industry, we cherish the opportunities given by the times. Shincci will continue to contribute to the development of the environmental protection service industry with continuous innovation. We cherish the trust our partners have given us. We will strive to expand the municipal sludge drying business in South Korea rapidly through the joint venture HS. Up to now, 367 sludge drying projects of Shincci have been accumulated, (47 in electroplating plants, 168 in chemical industry, 3 in lether factory, 122 in municipal industry, 25 in pharmaceutical industry, 2 in Coal washing industry )and more than 8471T/D wet sludge treatment capacity. For fifteen years, Shincci team have made unremitting efforts to turn market doubts into gradually accepted and recognized the application of "low temperature condensation dehumidification technology" in sludge reduction."

On 2nd Dec. 2019, the joint acceptance team composed of HS DRYER Co., Ltd. and Geomdan Group inspected our first order to Incheon before shipment--SBDD14400FL three-layer mesh belt sludge drying equipment. Prior to this, Shincci had landed a sample test machine project in South Korea, and accumulated a certain amount of experience in design, installation, on-site commissioning and project management there.

The Geomdan project has lasted for 3 months since its implementation in September 2019. In order to complete the project efficiently and on schedule, the production, quality, technical departments and project team members work closely together to overcome difficulties in the project such as tight time, technical details. From project investigation, drawing design, system assembly, quality control and In-house debugging, strive for perfection in all links, the team completed production tasks before customers visit.

In the process of product acceptance, customers checked and accepted item by item in accordance with detailed and thorough technical agreement. Their rigorous and carefulness has also helped Shincci gain a lot. It is precisely with such high-quality customers that can help enterprise grow more. Under the joint witness of the customer and the owner, the first set of SBDD14400FL three-layer mesh belt equipment of the project has reached the factory requirements and has been highly recognized by the customers. In the end, both parties reached an agreement on the quality of inspection and delivery.

On the morning of December 26th 2019, a set of SBDD14400FL sludge dryer and other accessories for the Incheon Geomdan project was to be shipped to Incheon, South Korea. After the equipment arrives, Shincci will have professional engineer team to Incheon, South Korea to assist in the installation and commissioning of the equipment.

On February 18, 2020, Mr. Shi Guanghui from the international trade department of Shincci Energy, Mr. Lai Zhipeng from the technology department, and Mr. Wu Zetu from the engineering department went to Incheon, South Korea to assist the Incheon Qiandan Industrial Park Geomdan project equipment. Installation and commissioning. On the one hand, they actively cooperated with the owner and the local government to do a good job in project epidemic prevention and control to ensure safety and stability. On the other hand, they coordinated and organized the project site and actively carried out installation and commissioning. It has won unanimous praise from the owner and the on-site construction unit, and successfully completed this installation and commissioning work.

During the epidemic, everyone adhered to their posts. Shincci team has a strong sense of responsibility and mission, and the courage to assume responsibility, and successfully complete project commissioning.



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