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Low Temp.Belt-Type Sludge Dryer

Heat pump, Mesh belts and Insulation boards are all combined in one integratedmodule, which improves airtightness and makes onsite installation easier.

Expansion valves adopted electronic type so as to increase dehumidification capacity.

Heat exchangers and Refrigerant pipes are made of SUS316L instead of copper.

Compressors are all installed in independent chambers, well- protected from the corrosive-gas to extend their service life.

Two modules share one blower and the belt-driven type blower is installed in the Heat pump module instead of the mesh belts module, which makes cleaning and maintenance easier.

Standard operation consumption is 240~300kw.h/1t.H20 (MAX).

SUS316L base of dryer replacing aluminium alloy support, making sure a strong anti-corrosion performance.

The service access door are upgraded to quick-opening type and improved with unique airtight structure design, making maintenance and inspection easier and effectively.

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The dryer adopts direct low temperature drying. Direct low temperature drying makes hot effect on sludge, producing high thermal efficiency. Moreover, low temperature protects organism in the sludge from splitting and volatilization, while the circulation hot wind takes only water out from the sludge.

Shincci drying temperature is 45-50℃ (temperature of the recycle to dehumidification heat pump), while blowing-in temperature is 60-75℃ (bottom layer).

Dehumidification heat pump sludge dryer makes use of dehumidification heat pump to carry out the sludge through hot-air recycling, condensing, dehumidifying and drying. The evaporation of the sludge moisture produces latent heat. And the condensation of vapor on heat pump requires latent heat as well. Both process of latent heat is equal according to the law of conservation of energy. As a result, drying process does not require additional heat capacity. The energy consumed during the process is the electricity for the input to compressor, fan and motor.
This dehumidification dryer is equivalent to the combination of dehumidification heat pump and mesh belt conveyor (playing the role of sludge placement).


SHS Series provides higher capacity, dryness and low energy consumption.
They are the new generation machines.
If you want to know the field application of a certain model, you can copy the product model and search in search bar.
Cooling MethodForced-air Cooling FL
Drying Temperature48~56℃(recycle air)/ 65~80℃(supply air)
Control SystemTouch screen + PLC programmable controller
  • SHS750FL
    Standard Dehumidification Capacity750 kg/24h
    Standard Dehumidification Capacity31.3 kg/h
    Rated Standard Operating Total Power10 kw
    Distribution Power12 kw
    Module Quantity1 SET
    Refrigerating System1 SET
    Dimensions2625×1277×1850 mm
    StructureWhole Set
    Weight1.6 Ton
  • SHS1350FL
    Standard Dehumidification Capacity1350 kg/24h
    Standard Dehumidification Capacity56.3 kg/h
    Rated Standard Operating Total Power18 kw
    Distribution Power22 kw
    Module Quantity1 SET
    Refrigerating System1 SET
    Dimensions3470×1277×2320 mm
    StructureWhole Set
    Weight2.0 Ton
  • SHS3000FL
    Standard Dehumidification Capacity3000 kg/24h
    Standard Dehumidification Capacity125 kg/h
    Rated Standard Operating Total Power35 kw
    Distribution Power42 kw
    Module Quantity1 SET
    Refrigerating System4 SET
    Dimensions4100×2140×2240 mm
    StructureWhole Set
    Weight3.2 Ton
  • SHS6000FL
    Standard Dehumidification Capacity6000 kg/24h
    Standard Dehumidification Capacity250 kg/h
    Rated Standard Operating Total Power67 kw
    Distribution Power80 kw
    Module Quantity2 SET
    Refrigerating System8 SET
    Dimensions6800×2140×2240 mm
    StructureAssembled Set
    Weight5.8 Ton
  • SHS9000FL
    Standard Dehumidification Capacity9000 kg/24h
    Standard Dehumidification Capacity375 kg/h
    Rated Standard Operating Total Power99 kw
    Distribution Power119 kw
    Module Quantity3 SET
    Refrigerating System12 SET
    Dimensions9500×2140×2240 mm
    StructureAssembled Set
    Weight8.0 Ton
  • SHS10800FL
    Standard Dehumidification Capacity10800 kg/24h
    Standard Dehumidification Capacity450 kg/h
    Rated Standard Operating Total Power118 kw
    Distribution Power142 kw
    Module Quantity4 SET
    Refrigerating System8 SET
    Dimensions8050×3060×2750 mm
    StructureAssembled Set
    Weight9.1 Ton
  • SHS16200FL
    Standard Dehumidification Capacity16200 kg/24h
    Standard Dehumidification Capacity675 kg/h
    Rated Standard Operating Total Power174 kw
    Distribution Power209 kw
    Module Quantity6 SET
    Refrigerating System12 SET
    Dimensions11300×3060×2750 mm
    StructureAssembled Set
    Weight12.3 Ton
  • SHS21600FL
    Standard Dehumidification Capacity21600 kg/24h
    Standard Dehumidification Capacity900 kg/h
    Rated Standard Operating Total Power230 kw
    Distribution Power276 kw
    Module Quantity8 SET
    Refrigerating System16 SET
    Dimensions14550×3060×2750 mm
    StructureAssembled Set
    Weight15.5 Ton
  • SHS27000FL
    Standard Dehumidification Capacity27000 kg/24h
    Standard Dehumidification Capacity1125 kg/h
    Rated Standard Operating Total Power286 kw
    Distribution Power343 kw
    Module Quantity10 SET
    Refrigerating System20 SET
    Dimensions17800×3060×2750 mm
    StructureAssembled Set
    Weight17.7 Ton
  • SHS32400FL
    Standard Dehumidification Capacity32400 kg/24h
    Standard Dehumidification Capacity1350 kg/h
    Rated Standard Operating Total Power343 kw
    Distribution Power412 kw
    Module Quantity12 SET
    Refrigerating System24 SET
    Dimensions21050×3060×2750 mm
    StructureAssembled Set
    Weight21.9 Ton


Sludge Type:
Dewatering Type:
DS Rate--for liquid sludge inlet to dewatering machine (Only needed when we are expected to offer dewatering machine):%
Inlet sludge: Tonne(s)/Day
Inlet moisture: %
Outlet moisture: %
Working hours:Hour(s)/Day