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Solid Waste Solution

Upload time:2023-05-25

Industrial Solid Waste 
Solid waste is everything generated by ordinary households, such as food packaging, diapers, carpets, plastics, small metal sheets, stones, food waste, and many other things. It can also be a textile that needs to be reduced in size to remove foreign objects and recycle fibers. Urban solid waste recycling is a process of reducing the scale of waste to sort materials for recycling and/or producing RDF (residual derived fuel). RDF is a fuel substitute with particle size ranging from 150 to 30 millimeters and high calorific value. ELDAN provides high-quality machinery for profitable urban solid waste recycling, which can be customized according to your needs. The solution will depend on the input materials and which materials you need to sort for recycling.



Sludge Type:
Dewatering Type:
DS Rate--for liquid sludge inlet to dewatering machine (Only needed when we are expected to offer dewatering machine):%
Inlet sludge: Tonne(s)/Day
Inlet moisture: %
Outlet moisture: %
Working hours:Hour(s)/Day