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Upload time:2023-05-22

High salt wastewater from printing&dyeing parks

The wastewater is concentrated and reduced by MVR under high pressure, often resulting in blockage; Low-temperature multi-effect  thickner can concentrate to a saturated state, solving clogging problems with good results and low energy consumption.

Printing & dyeing wastewater

As a hazardous wastewater, is expensive to be disposed of by a third party. Low temperature multi effect concentration equipment is used for concentration reduction, saving the owner 90% of outsourcing fees.



Sludge Type:
Dewatering Type:
DS Rate--for liquid sludge inlet to dewatering machine (Only needed when we are expected to offer dewatering machine):%
Inlet sludge: Tonne(s)/Day
Inlet moisture: %
Outlet moisture: %
Working hours:Hour(s)/Day