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Upload time:2022-05-26

Litchi Processing Base in Guangzhou

Guangzhou 52live Limited Corporation is the main implementation entity of the "Zengcheng District Jinfeng Litchi Provincial Industrial Park",which has a lychee base of over 4500 acres, with a yield of about 1500 kilograms per mu, and cooperatively spreads more than 10000 acres of rural land.Used for the initial processing and production of vegetables and fruits, and mainly engages in industries such as lychee, longan, and other agricultural and sideline product processing.

In the first phase, it introduces Sh
incci's most advanced dehumidification heat pump drying equipment and a fully automatic intelligent processing production line, The total investment is 16 million yuan (Phase II: 7 million yuan). The industrial park drives the local lychee and longan industry chain, employment chain, and benefit chain, driving over 1000 employment positions in the surrounding areas.



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Dewatering Type:
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