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Focus on Shincci First Show on Dyestuff Exhibition

Upload time:2020-12-14

With the theme of "Innovation and Breakthrough, Green Development", the exhibition lasted from  8th to 10th in November, with a total area of more than 40,000 square meters, participants more than 500 companies from 17 countries and regions. The exhibits covers all kinds of advanced environmentally friendly dyes, organic pigments, auxiliaries, intermediates, environmental protection equipment, digital printing equipment, printing and dyeing automation technology and printing materials. With the belief of "power the world", Shincci brought the environmental protection SHS series of low-temperature evaporative sludge dryer products to the exhibition.

Guangzhou Shincci Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. has been intensively engaged in the application of low-temperature evaporation and dehumidification technology. In response to the "low-temperature evaporation sludge drying" demand in the printing and dyeing field, Shincci can provide customers with comprehensive sludge drying solutions. During the dye exhibition, Shincci's engineers had in-depth discussion with customers on their request.


At the exhibition site, Shincci's senior technical team answered various questions for customers; their professional business personnel shared and discussed the company's new product information, and warmly welcomed new and old customers; the technicians of Shincci in exhibition area performed their duties in an orderly manner. With full preparation, excellent products, professional service, and enthusiastic attitude, Shincci has gained many praises.


As a leader in low-temperature evaporation technology, Shincci has been recognized by the industry for its professional processing solutions in the printing and dyeing field. For example, the application of the Foshan Jialida Cogeneration Circular Economy Industrial Demonstration Project, the Jialida sludge centralized disposal center located in Datang Industrial Park, Sanshui District, Foshan, Guangdong, is responsible for the daily waste water and sewage sludge treatment in the surrounding printing and dyeing industrial park and residential areas. As the largest domestic sludge low-temperature drying technology route demonstration project, its daily processing volume of wet sludge is about 1,000 tons. The Foshan Jialida Sludge Treatment and Disposal Project maximizes the use of resources in the sludge through scientific design, intelligent control and advanced sludge drying facilities.

Shincci always firmly believe that "strong R&D strength is the basic guarantee for continuous innovation of the enterprise". Many enterprises like Shincci developed again after breaking the epidemic with "innovation".


Sudden coronarvirus epidemic is a very severe chanllenge for the entire printing and dyeing industry. As the "weathervane" of the global dyeing and chemical industry, the China International Dyestuff Exhibition answers the epidemic "storm" with innovation, injects new vitality into the development of the industry, and opens up new opportunities. Shincci promotes innovation and reduces environmental emissions, provides companies with more solutions and circular economy models&countermeasures, and continues to help the dye and chemical industry overcome the epidemic.


Clean water and green mountains are the our wealth; to build a beautiful China and improve the ecological environment is to develop productivity. The dyeing and chemical industry attaches great importance to green development. As a pioneer in environmental protection, Shincci actively promotes sustainable development greenly, focusing on energy conservation and emission reduction, clean production, and comprehensive utilization of resources. In the future, we will strive to be better as well as to make more innovations and contributions to environmental protection.





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