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Analysis on technical status, investment cost and profitability of sludge treatment industry

Upload time:2021-11-03

Key words:sludge treatment ,sludge drying 

   With the upgrading and reconstruction of the sewage treatment plant, the sludge disposal has extended the paths of coupling waste incineration, collaborative disposal of cement kiln and participation in soil remediation, and the technical process has broken through the bottleneck. Research shows that at the current level, the cost of sludge drying and incineration below 300 yuan / ton can not complete the whole process of commercial operation in developed areas. The cost of collaborative treatment is often slightly lower. For example, the total cost of waste incineration plant, including profit, is generally about 400 yuan / ton.

      After years of exploration, China's sludge treatment and disposal industry has mainly formed four mainstream technical routes for stable treatment and safe disposal: "anaerobic digestion + land use", "aerobic fermentation + land use", "dry incineration + ash landfill or building materials utilization", and "deep dehydration + emergency landfill", which effectively supports the solution of sludge treatment and disposal problems in China. At present, various technologies account for 31% of the total scale of sludge treatment and disposal, 27% of mechanical dehydration, 20% of anaerobic digestion and 18% of aerobic fermentation.
      Actively promote the resource utilization of industrial wastewater. Carry out corporate water use audits, water efficiency benchmarking, and water-saving transformation, and promote the recycling of industrial water within the enterprise. Carry out industrial waste water recycling water quality monitoring and evaluation and water management.


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Dewatering Type:
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