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The necessity of sludge drying

Upload time:2021-11-03

Key words:sludge treatment ,sludge drying 

The necessity of sludge drying is that the sludge output of sewage plants is relatively large, and the volume of sludge must be reduced to facilitate subsequent transportation and treatment. Second, most of the domestic sludge treatment is transported to the landfill plant in the way of landfill, reducing the volume can also save space for the landfill plant. Third, the sludge must undergo some treatment before it can be used as fertilizer and building materials after drying.


Shincci is a high-tech enterprise engaged in water treatment and environmental protection, its main business areas; integrated and distributed rural sewage treatment equipment, integrated hospital sewage treatment equipment, integrated landfill leachate equipment research and development, production and sales; environmental protection engineering; enterprise Supervision platform and smart water remote monitoring platform. In addition, it also involves various environmental protection projects such as sludge drying, rainwater reuse, river treatment, etc.

At present, the difficulty of deep dewatering of sludge lies in the high investment and operating costs of using thermal drying technology, and it is difficult to promote it. Due to the selection of conditioners, the chemical conditioning method has not actually achieved the reduction of sludge, and at the same time has produced a series of adverse effects on the back-end disposal.
At present, the overall trend of the harmless disposal of sludge abroad is: large-scale application of sludge digestion technology, sludge landfilling is further prohibited, sludge incineration will become less and less, and thermal drying for the purpose of land use has gradually become The main means. Based on the experience of developed countries, sludge treatment and disposal should scientifically formulate environmental indicators and stage targets according to national conditions, implement relevant laws, policies and funds for sludge disposal, and continue to develop new technologies in the course of practice. After the adjustment of my country's sludge treatment and disposal policy, it will also be at the same standard as that of developed countries.


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