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Shincci 2020 Strategic Partner New Product Launch Party

Upload time:2020-07-29

The press conference was hosted by Mr. Tan Jixiang from the Marketing Department. As a company inventing and applying airtight heat pump drying technology, Shincci has been using the first dehumidifying heat pump for 14 years since it started using it in 2006. From double-effect, triple-effect, four-effect to multi-effect heat recovery technology, Shincci has accumulated a lot of R&D and application experience, and has made outstanding contributions to the promotion and application of dehumidification heat pumps.

On the morning of the 27th, the general manager Mr. Shi Zengkuang delivered a welcome speech. President Shi, on behalf of all the staff of Shincci, extended a warm welcome to the guests, and thanked all colleagues who participated in the construction of the new plant and all colleagues who participated in the SHS and MRH series of low-temperature sludge dryer products!

The new factory in Jiujiang is the first modern factory built by Shincci since its inception, marking that Shincci has entered a new stage of development. From the workshop-style workshop to the first modern factory, Shincci has gone through 17 years of starting a business. We have always adhered to the concept of independent innovation and development. The Shincci team has a firm belief in the development of the low-temperature evaporation business, and has worked hard and persevered. The completion of the new plant in Jiujiang marks the birth of the largest domestic and foreign sludge low-temperature drying and dehumidification heat pump drying factory, and further enhances the brand influence of Shincci low-temperature evaporation!

Mr. Wang Jianguo, Marketing Director of Shincci Energy, explained the development of the market and introduced the results at the press conference, allowing the partners present to have a clearer understanding of the Shincci brand. Guangzhou Shincci has been engaged in industrial and agricultural dehumidification and drying more than 10 years ago, and is the name and definition of dehumidification heat pumps and the inventor of closed drying. It has a multi-material drying process reserve and has achieved more than 800 project performances. It was involved in 2011. Sludge is dried at low temperature. So far, there have been more than 300 projects with an annual output value of 1 billion.

As of 2020. with Guangzhou as the center, we have successively opened post-sales offices directly under the jurisdiction of East China, North China, Southwest, Northwest, and Central China, vigorously develop the expansion of low-temperature evaporation business, and build high-end prototypes in each region by industry project. Compared with its peers, Shincci's market share is far ahead.

The next step is the heavy release of new products. Mr. Shi Zengkuang, general manager of Shincci Energy, explained the advantages and value of this new product from various dimensions. The new SHS and MHR series of integrated sludge low-temperature belt dryer series introduced this time are the factory-assembled models. Simple and stylish, complete and rich in functions, and greatly improved in energy efficiency, it reflects the market's demand for products and performance pursuits under the new environmental protection trend, and thus shows more design details from many aspects.

Unique overall structure design: reduce on-site installation workload by more than 60%; improved airtightness: reduce odor leakage by more than 50%; fully quick-opening inspection door design: easier maintenance and repair; improved anti-corrosion performance: 316L stainless steel two devices, 316L refrigerant pipeline , Compressor independent chamber; material quality improvement: all stainless steel bracket (no aluminum alloy), base stainless steel; single module water removal capacity increase: more than 8%; large-scale module design: single module water removal capacity 10 tons/day; energy saving : The multi-effect heat recovery model can save about 15% energy. The electronic expansion valve and remote refrigerant pressure control also use the latest technology.

This press conference also gave a detailed introduction to the model and development of Shincci Agriculture. While Shincci continues to innovate on low-temperature evaporation technology, it uses tens of millions of R&D funds every year to deploy the technology in new fields, such as heat pump vacuum thin-layer drying, jet heat pump drying, solid waste carbonization device, low-temperature concentrator, and low-temperature Steaming machine, compound pyrolysis machine, new type of industrial and agricultural dehumidification dryer, supercritical CO2 extraction equipment, etc., most of which are the first of this type of technology application, and have been initially put into the market, compared with traditional technology Revolutionary value, this will be the long-term value singularity of Shincci's majority of businesses in the future.

In some industries in the field of deep processing of agricultural and sideline products, Shincci has realized the industry's unique technology of the entire industry chain, from planting, drying, raw processing, sales, and the process of high-value resources of side materials to realize the economic benefits of the circular industry. Good control of value diversion, and copy the model to the merchants to achieve a win-win situation. At the press conference, Shincci also introduced to its partners the development of the 3000 mu rose deep processing base and the 120.000 mu camellia forest tea seed oil industry demonstration project for poverty alleviation and deep processing demonstration projects in Guan County, Shandong Province.

On the afternoon of July 27th, President Shi led everyone to visit Shincci's new factory in Jiujiang this year. The completion of the new plant in Jiujiang marks the birth of the largest domestic and foreign sludge low-temperature drying and dehumidification heat pump drying factory, and further enhances the brand influence of Shincci low-temperature evaporation! The new factory in Jiujiang covers an area of 85 acres and has a construction area of 68.000 square meters. The new factory will carry the company's production goal of 3 billion yuan in annual output value and is committed to building the first international brand of low temperature evaporation.

The visiting team came to the exhibition hall, and the words "coming to the world of low-temperature evaporation" were impressed. The hall is magnificent and magnificent. Mr. Shi introduced the newly developed dehumidification heat pump and sludge integral machine and other new products one by one. Later, accompanied by Mr. Lu Xingyu, Director of Manufacturing Center, Mr. Shi gave a brief introduction to the three workshop processes. In the evening, Shincci hosted a feast in a high-end restaurant, and the management of major centers attended.

The next day, under the careful organization of Shincci, the group drove to the nearby famous scenic spot Lushan for a day trip. So far, Shincci 2020 Strategic Partners New Product Launch Party came to a successful conclusion.

Shincci's support for partners is all-round. Using the group as a platform, it provides technical training, program design, bidding support, construction technical support, after-sales service, business cooperation mode and other support and assistance for the majority of partners in addition to products. In 2020. with Shincci's full promotion of products, technology, brand, marketing and other aspects, it will inject new vitality and vitality into market development and enterprise take-off, and achieve new breakthroughs!


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