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SHINCCI Attend A Premium Seminar

Upload time:2021-04-21

On April 12, 2021, the 12th Advanced Seminar on Sludge Treatment Technology and Application in China, co-organized by Guangzhou Shincci Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shincci), was successfully held. The seminar invited well-known experts, scholars and representatives of mainstream units in various research directions of sludge treatment and disposal to give keynote reports on the standard implementation of sludge treatment and disposal, mature technology and equipment operation experience, and the general direction of sludge disposal in the future. Questions are answered and discussed and exchanged.

As a representative, Mr. Tan Jixiang, the person in charge of the marketing department of Shincci, introduced the latest monolithic low-temperature sludge dryer, and analyze the process of deep dehydration combined with low-temperature drying to the guests and experts and scholars at the meeting. Drying technology combined with centralized disposal case sharing and the release of new technologies such as compound pyrolysis. The technical report shared a thorough analysis, and an overwhelming response on site!

After years of innovation and practice, Shincci low-temperature sludge dryer has continuously overcome industry limited technical and made breakthrough innovations. The newly launched large-module integral low-temperature sludge dryer has undergone 11 technical upgrades. The overall performance of the mesh belt in the drying zone is improved, the volume of dehumidification by the single module is increased, the anti-corrosion performance of the material is upgraded, and the airtightness is improved, and the overall performance is doubled.
In the technical comparison of non-deep dehydration process and the process of deep dehydration combined with low-temperature drying, Mr. Tan comprehensively analyzed the difficulties and key points of the technical process. For example, there are many supporting systems for non-deep dehydration processes, difficult to adjust, unstable moisture content, complex processes, Factors such as high cost, and data analysis of the advantages of deep dehydration combined with low-temperature drying compared to non-deep dehydration. In the application sharing of sludge low-temperature drying centralized treatment, Mr. Tan also explained how Shincci can solve the difficulties in process from the sludge storage and transportation system, equipment selection, drying and disposal process, and how to build the optimal operation plan, which highlights the rich solution experience of Shincci in project applications.

In the introduction of new products and new technologies, Mr. Tan introduced the composite pyrolysis and vapor compression thin-layer concentration drying technology newly launched by Shincci. The composite pyrolysis will send the dried sludge(35% moisture content) into the equipment, and finally precipitate the pyrolysis gas and carbon soil containing combustible components such as CH₄, CO, H₂, and the carbon soil has a calorific value of about 2000KCal/kg, which can be used for Garden fertilizer, building materials, fuel and other purposes. Shincci's vapor compression thin-layer concentration drying technology is spread on the multilayer heat transfer plate in the equipment with a thin thickness through a special scraper device. The entire concentration and drying process is carried out in a negative pressure box without any waste heat odor. After being concentrated and dried, it becomes standard reclaimed water; compared with other systems, it does not scale, does not require manual descaling. It has obvious advantages, like that the water in the raw liquid can be completely evaporated to obtain anhydrous solid materials, and it is economical. 

After the report, the company booth attracted many customers and exhibitors to watch the exhibition and negotiate. Our company patiently explained various issues such as new products and new technology applications. Shincci has always adhered to the concept of "Development through technological innovation". After participating in this conference, Shincci's philosophy and vision of being a first-class environmental protection enterprise in the industry and even the world have been strengthened.


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