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How to Turn Sludge into Clean Electricity?

Upload time:2021-03-03

Step 1: The sludge dryer is used to reduce the moisture content from 80% to 30%, so that it can be better sent to the boiler for mixing.

Step 2: The dried sludge is fed into the pot through a fully enclosed conveyor belt.

Step 3: Scientifically and environmentally treat the odor, pollutants, ash, waste gas, etc. generated in the process of "sludge conversion to electricity" to ensure that no pollutants leak out in the whole process.

Compared with the waste of land resources and groundwater pollution caused by traditional sludge disposal methods such as landfilling, composting, and cement kiln co-incineration, Luohuang Power Plant realizes the whole process of sludge with high-efficiency and ultra-low pollutant emission units, which realizes the whole process of sealing, drying and incineration of sludge for power generation. The water vapor produced by drying is condensed and recycled for reuse, and odorous pollutants are sent to the power plant boiler for pyrolysis.

The advantages of this sludge disposal method are: low investment, low operating cost, no leakage of pollutants in the whole process, and green and clean electricity after combustion is sent to thousands of households in Chongqing.

Sludge-coupled power generation business
In August 2019, Luohuang Power Plant's sludge-coupled power generation project started; on June 25, 2020, the first phase of the project was officially put into operation, with a daily treatment capacity of 600 tons of wet sludge.
According to estimates, the first phase of the project can dispose of nearly 200,000 tons of domestic sludge per year, accounting for about one-third of the total amount of domestic sludge generated in Chongqing, increasing biomass power by 49 million kilowatt-hours, and increasing external heating by 174,000 tons. While the power plant brings comprehensive benefits of 10 million yuan, it can save 14,800 tons of standard coal and reduce 41,400 tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year.

Luohuang Power Plant has realized the “harmless, reduced, resourced and large-scale” disposal of urban domestic sludge, which not only provides strong support for the stable operation of urban sewage treatment plants, but also contributes to the fight against pollution in Chongqing and the make contribution to environment protection career.

Up to now, the Luohuang Sludge Disposal Center has processed more than 87,167 tons of wet sludge, and more than 23,360 tons of dry sludge has been incinerated in the boiler.

Chen Hong, deputy dean of the School of Resources and Environment of Southwest University, mentioned: “The Luohuang Power Plant uses domestic sludge for power generation, and the generated ash is used to make ecological bricks, concrete additives, etc., which not only achieves a benign sludge closure, but also forms a recycling system with symbiosis of the industrial chain and efficient use of resources and energy. This is a beneficial attempt to build a recycling economy development model and build a 'waste-free city'."


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