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Shincci Attended 22th IE expo China 2021 during 20th-22th Apr.

Upload time:2021-05-06

On April 20th, IE expo China 2021, co-sponsored by the Munich Expo Group, the Chinese Society of Environmental Sciences, the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce Environmental Chamber of Commerce, and China Trade Munich Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., jointly organized the 22nd China Environmental Expo in Shanghai. Grand opening of the International Expo Center.

This year's World Expo is still very popular. The scale of the exhibition is 180,000 square meters. More than 2,200 well-known environmental companies will participate in the exhibition, and more than 30,000 kinds of world's top sewage treatment, pump pipe valves, and solid waste treatment will be displayed in an all-round manner. , Resource recycling, air pollution control, indoor air pollution control, site restoration, environmental monitoring, environmental service industry and other cutting-edge technologies and the latest solutions in the field of environmental pollution control.


In this Shanghai World Expo, Shincci once again appeared at the World Expo with a brand new booth image, bringing a product lineup that has never been shown, powerful, and the entire industry chain, with integrated modular low-temperature sludge dryers and evaporators , Condenser, double spiral, shaftless spiral, library plate and other components. Show the on-site audience the achievements and future trends of Shincci's innovative technology transformation in recent years. With Shincci's full "new" lineup, the booth is full of audiences and the staff is overwhelmed!


Shincci Booth: Hall W1, Booth No. C23/D23

At this exhibition, Shincci exhibited for the first time the 6000 model of a large-module integral sludge low-temperature belt dryer, which showed in detail the core technology and upgrade optimization items of the equipment. On the first day of the exhibition, the audience and the media attracted great attention, and people from all walks of life in the environmental protection industry came to observe and conduct technical exchanges.

The audience to observe the new models followed one after another, and the exchange scene was full! The on-site personnel of Shincci provided solutions according to the actual needs of different industries such as municipal, chemical, pharmaceutical, printing and dyeing, electroplating, coal slime, etc., while demonstrating their comprehensive strength and improved Shincci's brand influence and popularity.


The whole industry chain products manufactured by Shincci made their debut for the first time. With strong manufacturing technology and excellent product quality, they have attracted widespread attention and burst into popularity on the spot.



During the exhibition, Shincci won praises from the audience with the display of all "new" equipment, rich project experience, professional solutions, and the meticulous reception of on-site staff; the site promoted the cooperation of multiple projects, which is Affirmation of Shincci's strength.  

Through this exhibition, Shincci showed a brand new, comprehensive and three-dimensional brand to the industry. Since the 14th Five-Year Plan, national policies have begun to advocate sludge incineration as the final disposal process of sludge, and sludge drying and dewatering is the only way before incineration. In the future, Shincci will continue to focus on products and technological innovation for development, realize more sludge treatment and disposal, and to respond carbon neutrality proposal.

Contact us, we will show you the cutting-edge technology of sludge treatment and disposal, and customize your own solution.



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