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Shincci Attended the 6th China International Coal Clean and Efficient Utilization Exhibition

Upload time:2021-01-21

On 8th Nov. 2020, the 3-day 6th China International Coal Clean and Efficient Utilization Exhibition opened in Taiyuan, with business representatives from the United States, Australia, Poland and other countries.

Shincci appeared at this exhibition as the "low-temperature evaporation technology leader". The low-temperature evaporation sludge drying technology solution attracted great attention at the exhibition! 

The theme of this year's CICCE is "Black Coal, Green Development, High-Carbon Energy, Low-Carbon Utilization", with the aim of promoting the construction of ecological civilization and transformation and upgrading of mining areas with high-quality development, focusing on promoting energy conservation, emission reduction and ultra-low emissions in coal-consuming industries. The Shincci slime low-temperature drying equipment is currently the mainstream way of reducing emissions and reducing emissions in the industry, which is conducive to storage and transportation, and effectively increases the calorific value, which is convenient for later resource utilization.

At the exhibition site, the Shincci team treated every customer who came to visit with a positive attitude, carefully answered questions to the audience, introduced the characteristics of the product in detail, and shared the brand culture.

In response to the call and requirements of the country's environmental protection construction, China's coal preparation plants must apply clean energy solution on slime disposal. The energy-saving slime sludge drying treatment technology is an environmentally friendly and economic way worthy of all coal mine enterprises' promotion.

The water content of the raw sludge after coal washing in the coal mine industry is about 25%, but it has difficulty in high viscosity, loading and unloading, and high transportation costs. Therefore, drying slime is not only a problem of environmental protection, but how to get maximizing economic benefits while dealing with sludge is a challenge.  

Shincci energy-saving slime low-temperature drying technology can not only dispose slime environmentally, but also solve the economic problems of transportation and loading. In terms of disposal, the 30% moisture content of coal slime is dried to about 10% moisture content, which can be reduced by about 20% in weight. The dried coal slurry can meet the requirements of transportation and non-stick trucks, which is convenient for transportation and loading and unloading.


The dried coal slime has a calorific value of 3000-4000. The coal slime with this calorific value can also be used as a product in power plants for blending with coal or as a blend of clean coal, which has economic benefits; and the raw sludge with 25% MC has low calorific value and has no resource value.
Shincci coal slime low-temperature drying technology has the characteristics of low energy consumption, no pollution, high automation, and no dust. It is highly effective in the field of coal slime drying and reduction. This technology can effectively promote the early realization of green, economic and environmental protection in my country's coal industry Development, so as to achieve the significance of drying up the standard and increasing efficiency.
Take the Shincci Handan Jizhong Energy Coal Washing Plant project as an example. The project needs to process 400t/d of coal washing sludge (24% moisture content) per day. According to the actual site survey and treatment requirements analysis, the slime forming machine uses an extruder and a set of drye-- SBSI18000SLC for the chemical sludge machine. For now, the dewatering machine is mechanical tool and supporting plate and frame. The project needs to dry the slime moisture to 14% and below. The dried sludge passes through a single-shaft screw conveyor and the existing dry slime belt conveyor to the owner's coal storage yard, and finally the sludge particles can be used for coal blending.
The whole process realizes the "reduction, stabilization, harmlessness and recycling" of sludge treatment; Shincci low-temperature evaporation technology can be applied to domestic sludge, printing and dyeing, papermaking, electroplating, chemical industry, leather, and various types of sludge drying system (including sludge with large sand content).


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